Imaginative, socially-conscious, multi-disciplinary.

         Founded in 2014, Broadleaf Theatre creates fully original collective creations based on local, national and global environmental issues. The company seeks to make little-known environmental issues cool, fun, immediate and accessible. Since its conception Broadleaf has engaged over 50 emerging, diverse, and socially conscious artists. Our first production The Broadleaf Plays won the Viewer's Choice Award and the President's Award for Best Production at the 2014 U of T Drama Festival. The Broadleaf Plays was followed up with Abandoned City, a show that used movement, miniatures, and a fully original live score to create three distinct worlds. Our newest creation Bite-Sized began as a site-specific experience at a local bar, which explored food issues as part of the 2015 inspiraTO Festival. In 2016, Broadleaf Theatre culminated two years of research and development with a reimagined version of The Broadleaf Plays using the "recycled" title Bite-SizedThe show is currently available for touring - for more info click here.


We're embarking on a new project in developing a Canadian Green Theatre Resources database. To submit your idea, business or resource please email broadleaftheate@gmail.com with the Subject: "Green Theatre Database."