Extra! Extra! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Broadleaf Theatre is profiled in the newest issue of The Strand! Arts & Culture Editor Clarrie Feinstein sat down with Co-Artistic Director / Producer Kevin Matthew Wong and Outreach Coordinator Mirka Loiselle to talk environmentally-conscious theatre and our UofT connection.

"There is nothing more inspiring than seeing UofT students take their school-based initiatives into the “real world.” University allows students the time and space to invent and create, as people are surrounded by hundreds of peers engaged with similar interests also wishing to make some sort of socially positive impression on our often troubling world. A student initiative that embodies this ideal student practice is Broadleaf Theatre."

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Broadleaf Theatre wins the Fringe Lottery!

Broadleaf Theatre has officially won the Toronto Fringe lottery and will be bringing a brand new version of their award-winning production The Broadleaf Plays to the 2016 Toronto Fringe. The rapid-fire show features a powerful series of short (sometimes extremely short) plays, each 3-minutes or less, that each tackles a different environmental issue in a fun, immediate and accessible way. 

The show premiered to great critical acclaim, winning the Viewer's Choice Award and the President's Award for Best Production at the 2014 U of T Drama Festival.
Festival adjudicator Matt White (green light arts) celebrated that after seeing
The Broadleaf Plays,  "environmental issues never looked so cool." 

The Broadleaf Plays workshop was generously remounted in April 2014 by Trinity College and the George Ignatieff Theatre.

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