Poster and graphic design by Shashwat Sharma.

Poster and graphic design by Shashwat Sharma.


Full of surprises, humour, and heart, Broadleaf Theatre presents its award-winning show Bite-Sized as part of the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival! Featuring a whirlwind collection of 18 plays in 60 minutes, all 3 minutes or less, Bite-Sized is a theatrical experience tackling local, national, and global environmental issues. From an aerobics dance work-out through time to an exploration on the boil-water crisis, and even a hip hop dance sequence about an invasive frog species, you can enjoy all of the content with none of the guilt. Go on, take a bite.


Bite-Sized is available for touring throughout Ontario in 2016/17. Three versions of Bite-Sized are available for touring:
- The full 60-minute adult version
- A high school / college level version
A Theatre for Young Audiences version (currently in development)

Contact Broadleaf Theatre at 647-720-0886 or for rates and additional info.

Broadleaf Theatre is interested in telling local Canadian stories. Please also contact us if you would like to share stories from your community in a "bite-sized" play!


Jordan Angrove in   Bite-Sized .

Jordan Angrove in  Bite-Sized.


Director / Creator - Kevin Matthew Wong
Stage Manager / Graphic Design - Shashwat Sharma
Set Designer  - Trevor Gauthier
Projections Designer - Rion Chow
Fight Director - Louisa Zhu
Hip Hop Choreography - Shenika Hamilton
Associate Producer - Veronika Gribanova

Actor / Co-Creator - Alex Treude
Actor / Co-Creator - Angela Sun
Actor / Co-Creator - Emma Tse
Actor / Co-Creator - Jordan Angrove
Actor / Co-Creator - Mimi Warshaw
Actor / Co-Creator - Parmida Kakavand
Actor / Co-Creator  - Steven Pereira

Music - Kevin Matthew Wong (Fishy Love), Nathaniel Rose (Dance, Dance Evolution), Minha Lee and Michael Henley (Finale)

Special Thanks To: Generator Toronto, Matt White, Banuta Rubess, Debajehmujig Storytellers, Jiv Parasram, Matt White, Sharon Reid, George Ignatieff Theatre, Trinity College Drama Society. 

Bite-Sized's campaign donors: Deloris Reid, Kate Saunders, Kimberly, Haley Wong, Xenia Barrett, Jacques Loiselle, Lai Wong, Paul Wong, Michael Kelly, Dave Carley, Evelin Treude, Julie Jai and David Trick, Coco Lee, Vanessa Lie, Isaac Lloyd, Fernanda, Joan Barrett, bite sized, Julia Belittchenko, Evan Browning, Sheila Bruce, Milana, Sylvia Lau, Janice Fricker, Andrea Scott, Christopher Bean, TJ Angrove, Sophie Lewycky, Howard, Daniel Barankin, Bianca Pisciola, and 8 Anonymous Backers.